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Santa Ana Legal Suites, offers a variety of flexible, cost-effective plans for lawyers in need of permanent office space, virtual offices and conference room rentals. We are also pleased to provide comprehensive business support services for attorneys. Let us help you work on your law practice instead of managing your overhead.

PRICE LIST: Full Service Suites

Small offices (200-250 sq ft) lease for approx. $700

Medium offices (205-220 sq ft) for $700-$850

Large offices (320-450 sq ft) for $950-$1,100

Administrative/Secretarial Bays - Call for pricing and availability

Santa Ana Legal Suites

206 West 4th Street, 3rd and 4th Floors

Santa Ana CA 92701

Phone: (714) 361-4150

Fax: (714) 361-4740


Whether you are an attorney looking for permanent office space, live and work out town and need temporary office space during a pending case, are interested in maintaining a virtual office, or need to rent a conference room for meeting with clients or taking depositions, Santa Ana Legal Suites are designed to maximize flexibility while allowing lawyers the freedom to choose the services that are best suited for their legal practice.

Contact us today at (714) 361-4150 or email for additional information. Let us help you work on your law practice instead of managing your overhead.

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206 W. 4th Street

3rd & 4th Floors

Santa Ana, CA 92701